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eva ([personal profile] animalcollectivism) wrote2016-01-18 05:46 am
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Tiny Introductory Posts

Pretty terrible with these types of posts, but I'd feel remiss having a blog up with nothing much on it. Just migrated here from other, faster social networks because I needed some downtime - It's nice to have a place where there isn't too much going on, but you still have the ability to write. Nothing wrong with a little introspection.

I've been forcing myself to relax all day today, just some math and Netflix droning in the background. I had some pretty severe panic attacks yesterday, and it was getting a little hard to focus on freelancing and writing. Before that, even, I was waking up in the middle of the night to try and check my freelancer proposals and the status of my money transfers. Not pretty.

In any case, I broke my work-fast early, at around 10ish, and ended up working faster than ever before. I had this general mental speed, too, that really frightened me. I worked from then to now-ish and I was really roaring. I felt awake enough to stay up all night, too, but that's no good, tbh. I took a few melatonin and expect to head to bed any moment now. Probably a little hypomania, nbd.